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'What Works' in Community Cohesion

Overall the research reaffirms the importance to cohesion of many policy strands well documented in previous literature, but also provides specific creative and effective examples of successful approaches in practice. We hope that the individual projects and policy approaches reported on in this document will provide a lasting resource of ideas and inspiration to policy makers and practitioners across the country. The research also highlights challenges arising from the true complexity of cohesion issues, and how they operate in all spheres of public life. Whilst innovative targeted projects must play a key role, cohesion-friendly approaches also need to be embedded in all policies and services at local level; there are no quick fixes, and local leadership must be focused on ensuring that all agencies engaged with communities recognise their potential impact on and responsibility for supporting community cohesion. In addition, though, the role played by central government policy must also be borne in mind. 

Resource published 2007