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The Netherlands Comprehensive Action Programme to Combat Jihadism

Ministry of Security and Justice, National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

The threat posed by (global) jihadism and the necessity to prevent terrorist attacks call for a robust, offensive and comprehensive progamme which combats both the hard core of jihadists and the dissemination of their violent ideas, both by means of penal and administrative measures. In combatting the jihadist movement, it is important to prevent the growth of new adherents by countering radicalisation and by diminishing the breeding ground. This action programme is a comprehensive one and has three objectives: to protect democracy and the rule of law, to combat and weaken the jihadist movement in the Netherlands and to remove the breeding ground for radicalisation. In the following existing measures are designated with the letter ‘E’, measures that will be strengthened are designated with the letter ‘S’ and new measures are designated with the letter ‘N’.

Resource published 2014