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Preventing Violent Extremism in Healthcare

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

The Health Practitioner Exchange was held in London in July 2013. Organised by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) in cooperation with the Radicalisation Awareness Network Working Group on Health (RAN Health), the exchange brought together frontline health practitioners, policy officials and civil society from Belgium, Denmark,  Spain, The Netherlands and the UK. It aimed to provide a forum for the exchange of good and bad practices and discussion of some key challenges in relation to the role of health and mental health practitioners and institutions in responding to radicalisation. This report captures some of the key discussion points from the exchange, but is not intended to be a comprehensive record of the meeting. Contributions are not attributed to individual attendees and national healthcare services are not identified. Although the report will be circulated, the agenda and delegate list will not be made public.

Resource published 2013