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The Role of Further Education Providers in Promoting Community Cohesion, Fostering Shared Values and Preventing Violent Extremism: Consultation Document

In his speech on liberty last year, Gordon Brown said “to each generation falls the task of expanding the idea of British liberty and to each generation also the task of rediscovering liberty’s central importance as a founding value of our country and its animating force.” He called on the Secretary of State, John Denham, and me as Minister, to lead a debate on how we maintain academic freedom whilst ensuring that extremists can never stifle debate or impose their views. For the first time we are taking that debate to Further Education (FE).Our central challenge is to strengthen the resilience of communities against forces that would tear them apart, enabling them to resist extremist influence and root out terrorism, at the same time as preserving the freedom we value so much and that defines our traditions. This consultation document is issued so that those involved in FE can consider how they might meet this challenge.

Resource published 2008

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