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Guidance for Identifying People Vulnerable to Recruitment into Violent Extremism

Dr Jon Cole, Emily Alison, Dr Ben Cole, and Prof Laurence Alison, University of Liverpool

This guidance is intended to support practitioners' level of awareness and decision-making in identifying individuals who are vulnerable or 'at-risk' of being recruited or involved in violent extremism. The criteria contained within the IVP guidance have been drawn from the existing literature on extremism and violence. The criteria have also been matched against a sample of 89 individuals known to have participated in or committed acts of violent extremism (Cole & Cole, 2009). This guidance has been designed as part of the PREVENT strand of the Government‟s CONTEST agenda to reduce the risk posed by international terrorism. This principle should be at the forefront of its use - it is designed to identify people who are at risk of being targeted or recruited by violent extremists.

Resource published 2012

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