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Summary of the Evaluation Report on the Events of 22 July 2011: The Norway Attacks

Norwegian Police Service, The Central Evaluation Commission

A terrorist attack hit Norway on Friday 22 July 2011, killing 77 persons, and injuring many others. Government headquarters and other important institutions were struck. The police and many collaborating parties put in tremendous efforts to neutralise the threat, save lives, contain damage, help evacuees and their family/friends, and to ensure that information reached the general public.

The Central Evaluation Commission has received local evaluation reports from police entities subordinate to the National Police Directorate, from the Directorate itself and from some of the police's collaborating parties. The police response has been evaluated according to selected criteria.

In evaluations the emphasis is on learning. The Commission has therefore sought to highlight aspects that leave room for improvement as well as aspects that functioned well and should be retained. It has concentrated on lessons to be learnt by the Police Service at a national level, and assumes that local issues will be looked into at the local level. This summary does not contain a full list of lessons to be learnt, which are accounted for in chapters 4–9 of the report.

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Resource published 2012