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Community Cohesion at Local Level: Addressing the Needs of Muslim Communities

In this report the Local Communities Network (LCN) sets out practical proposals for building integration and community cohesion at the local level. The report cites examples of how mainstreaming non-discrimination can contribute to community cohesion and equality in a given community and shows that diversity and equality can reinforce each other within one community cohesion policy vision. Integration does not necessarily mean cohesion, there is a useful approach that cities have developed in order to bridge possible gaps between these two policy concepts: the cities have moved from a policy of integrating immigrants to a policy concept of addressing the needs of city residents. Each resident of a city is seen as having rights and responsibilities and an important role to play in improving inter-community relations and thus strengthening social cohesion. The examples that have been discussed with the Local Communities Network bring to life some key findings that underpin the understanding of community cohesion.

Resource published 2008