Skip navigation Project is one part of a wider European Commission-funded project to support the dissemination and exchange of best practice in the field of counter-radicalisation work across Europe. The various elements of the project are described in detail below.

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Cross Country Evaluations
Practitioner Exchanges
Government Advisory Services provides an online vehicle for the exchange and dissemination of information among members of the European Policy Planners’ Network on Countering Polarisation and Radicalisation (PPN) as well as other EU and North American ministries.

It includes an easily searchable up-to-date repository of government policies and programmes, both current and historical. The website also contains a log of case studies and evaluated best practices of government and non-government projects and activities aimed at tackling radicalisation and polarisation. These are searchable by geography and theme.

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Cross Country Evaluations

Throughout the three-year term of the project, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) has conducted three comprehensive cross-country evaluations examining projects, programmes and policies across participating countries in the field of counter-extremism.

The aim of these evaluation visits has been to compare projects and establish a repository of information of what works, best practises and lessons learned across borders. This includes the publication of three cross-country evaluation reports and the production of a comprehensive database hosting original case studies of individual country projects.

Government Engagement and Communication Strateiges

This report focuses on the increasing role of government communications to counter violent extremism and examines some of the key projects, programmes and policies activated by governments to counter violent extremism at both national and local levels. This report draws on best practices and lessons learnt from a series of case studies from Europe and beyond, particularly from North America and Australia.

Cross-country Evaluation Report 1

European Counter-Radicalisation and De-radicalisation

This evaluation provides a comparative assessment of approaches to counter-radicalisation and de-radicalisation within four countries. It begins by setting out the definitions of key terms. It then provides an overview of the recent history of extremist violence and the approaches taken in tackling radicalisation and facilitating de-radicalisation in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Germany in order to contextualise the environment in which the programmes examined in the report operate.

Cross-country Evaluation Report 2

Education and Training of Islamic Faith Leaders in Europe

This report aims to increase the understanding of initiatives by both governments and communities in this area and, through the identification of best practices, contribute to the formulation of effective programmes and policies. This report focuses on those courses and institutions that aim to produce faith leaders, teachers and Imams, although conventional higher education in which Islamic themes may be studied are also mentioned where relevant.

Cross-country Evaluation Report 3

Practitioner Exchanges

As part of the grant-funded project, ISD has organised two practitioner exchanges of frontline workers to share ideas, visit projects relevant to their field of work, network and build relationships, with the aim of encouraging ongoing collaboration and practical joint-working on newly developed projects and activities.

Prison and Probation Practitioner Exchange

ISD organised an exchange to bring together prison and probation officers from across Europe to discuss the key issues related to managing extremist offenders from a practitioners' perspective. Participants considered issues such as effective approaches to managing extremist offenders, approaches and good practice in de-radicalising and rehabilitating offenders and differences in managing extremist offenders and the regular prison population.

Prison and Probation Officer Practitioner Exchange Report

Healthcare Workers Practitioner Exchange

ISD organised an exchange that brought together health policy officers from across Europe to discuss the key policy and practical issues for the health sector in relation to identifying and working with individuals at risk of being radicalised. The exchange looked at attitudes and approaches in the identification and preventative work within healthcare systems.

Health Workers Practitioner Exchange Report

Government Advisory Service

ISD continues to provide on-going advisory services to Members of the Policy Planners Network (PPN) looking to refine or revise their approach to counter-radicalisation, counter-extremism and counter-polarisaton. If you represent a government agency or ministry looking to receive advice or support please contact

Over the past three years, ISD has also organised a series of special events for governments on key topics of mutual interest in the area of counter-extremism and counter-radicalisation. For more information about Policy Planner Network Meetings please contact